Music Ministry

Most believers have, at some time, experienced the healing power of sacred music. We all have come to church, at times, with hearts filled with fear and anxiety. With the daily demands of our lives we face, no wonder there is despondency. But then we hear a song that reminds us of His nearness and His guidance. Then suddenly our burden is lifted, our minds are once again clear, our emotions are mended, and once again the heart is able to sing. As devoted followers of Christ we all are ministers of the gospel. Meaning we “share” the good news of His saving grace and His glorious resurrection.
Our adult choir is composed of both men and women who are members and non-members of our church. Together we combine our hearts, our souls, and our voices to reach out and touch the hearts of those listening in a way, hopefully, that will bring them closer to Christ, reminding them of their need to always rely on Him. And once their eternal home is secured, to assure them that God is preparing them, one day in the near future, that if that although they may choose not to sing in the Renfrew choir in this life they too will get their chance to sing in the glorious of all choirs. The Heavenly choir.
Our rehearsal times are Sundays at 4:45 pm with additional practices as needed. We always try to focus on upcoming special dates such as Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas with choir and those who minister to us in singing specials. We are, richly, blessed with “good” talent of which we praise God for.
Our worship service is blended music in order to touch all. We have an open door to those who feels God’s calling upon their life to sing and to minister in this area. We hope one day you will get a chance to see and hear our choir. Our desire would be to know you have been touch by God’s Holy Spirit through the music ministry here at Renfrew that will help make your days a little brighter along your journey in this life.