In the early years of Renfrew Mill Community in Travelers Rest, S.C., several residents felt the leading of God to start a Baptist church. A meeting was called on March 14, 1929, for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church. During this meeting eleven people were received as charter members. March 28, 1929, a second meeting was held to complete organization work. At this meeting three letters were received bringing the church membership to 14. The name Renfrew Baptist Church was given to this newly organized church and the first church covenant was adopted.
A pastor was called, but with only one church building in the community, the new congregation shared its meeting space with the local Methodists. The two churches worshipped together, and the two pastors shared the pulpit. One pastor would open with scripture reading and prayer, and the other pastor preached the sermon. They rotated duties each week.
In 1941, a parcel of land was donated on Renfrew Avenue, and on February 28, 1942, the sanctuary was dedicated to the Glory of God. Realizing the need for Sunday school classrooms, a new educational building was constructed adjacent to the sanctuary and was completed in October 1963. This building housed the pastor’s study, church offices, fellowship room with kitchen, and the adult’s and children’s Sunday school classrooms.
In 1982 Renfrew Baptist Church had a vision for an all day ministry outreach to children. This vision led to the creation of the Renfrew Baptist Child Development Center which has been in continuous operation since the early 1980’s.
As the membership continued to grow, the congregation decided to purchase ten acres of land on Geer Highway in 1982. Late that same year, a large 25 ft. lighted sign was placed at the front of the property at Geer Highway, thus by late 1982 Renfrew’s move to their new property began. After several years of prayer and planning, Renfrew had a ground-breaking ceremony on June 24, 1984. This ground breaking was noted by many in the community as one of the most unusual ground-breaking ceremonies ever. Because of extremely heavy rain at the time of the ceremony, the building committee responsible for the event brought soil from the new building site inside the old sanctuary and held the ground-breaking indoors. After the ceremony, Renfrew members were given a small amount of the soil from the ground-breaking to keep.
The new sanctuary, with its 3-story educational building was dedicated as part of the homecoming ceremonies on June 8, 1986. A new church portrait was taken on the sanctuary steps and a young man, whose picture was taken with one of the first portraits of the first Renfrew Baptist Church in 1949, preached the first message at the New Renfrew Baptist Church.

Recognizing the need for a multipurpose Gymnasium around the turn of the century, Renfrew Baptist Church began praying and planning, and in 2002 the church held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new gymnasium. Construction was completed approximately a year and a half later. Renfrew Baptist Church now had facilities that contained a gymnasium which would be used as a gym and auditorium, a large fellowship hall, and added educational and discipleship classrooms.

Renfrew Baptist Church continues to aspire to be a first century church in the 21st century church.