Frequently Asked Questions

What is this FAQ for?

Many questions get asked by visitors to our church, those new in town, and friends and neighbors of our members. Here’s a list of questions that may help you get to know Renfrew Church a little better.


How big is the church?

100-200 active members and many regular attenders.

When are your service times?



Traditional Worship Service 8:30am

Sunday School : 9:45am

Contemporary Worship Service: 11:00am

Sunday Evening Service: 6:00pm


Wednesday Service 7:00pm

Choir Practice 6:00pm


Every first Sunday of every month


Tuesdays at 8:30am

Wednesday at 6:15pm

Sundays at 8:45am

What do you offer for children on Sunday mornings?

Sunday School at 9:45am

Children’s Church during our Contemporary Worship Service

Nursery available during both Sunday services and Sunday School as well as Sunday evening service

What do you offer for babies and toddlers?

Nursery care, both AM and PM services.

Who goes to your church?

Our church is made up of all races and nationalities, all income levels, and people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome at Renfrew!