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Training Classes are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month on the 3rd floor  in  the Media Room at 7:00 pm.
Certification  process is done through  International Association Of Biblical Counselors. Please visit for more information.
Many people, after hearing the word theology, roll their eyes and envision esoteric scholarly debates that have little if any bearing on real life. However, theology is much more basic, more foundational, than this, and it has everything to do with real life. The word itself comes from the Greek terms for “God” (theos) and “word,” “thought,” or “reason” (logos). So theology means: “that which can be said or thought about God—essentially, the study of God.” If the primary (though not exclusive) source of information about God is the Bible, theology can be thought of as the study of the Bible: What does it teach? What is true, according to Scripture?


A more formal definition might be something like this: “Theology simply means thinking about God and expressing those thoughts in some way.”1 Notice that this describes activity. Theology is not primarily something, but rather the doing of something, specifically, thinking and expressing. 

Furthermore, notice from the definition that theology is not simply a mental activity; it also involves communication. This is noteworthy because knowledge of God is too essential to keep to oneself. It needs to be passed on to help others understand God as well.