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LOCATION: Renfrew Church Main Building Room 301

TIME: 6:30-8:30pm

FREQUENCY: Every Thursday of the month



  • Preliminary Studies (Self Confrontation Course)
  • Advanced Studies (IABC Certification Process)

PRELIMINARY STUDIES: (Every Thursday except the 3rd Thursday of the Month “Advanced Studies”) Enrollment in Self-Confrontation Class or completed Self Confrontation lessons 1-22, as well as the written, and oral exams, are part of the track for training as a Biblical Counselor as this helps to engrain the Biblical Principles necessary in which to draw.


ONGOING TRAINING: All counselors in training will be assigned observation hours in live counseling with a certified counselor and will complete 50 observation hours (minimum) during the training period.


ADVANCED STUDIES CONTENT: (Will maintain these elements) (45 min) Foundational/Theological training, (45 min) Counseling Subject Matter, (30 min) Case Study Discussion (including what homework), and ending with availability for consultation of IABC progress on book reviews and exams.

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